"Donator" charity organization




About us

Who are we?
A group of ambitious people who provide volunteer help. We have been doing this for 5 years using our own funds in spare time. But nowadays, due to increase in demand, we are forced to acquire public donations.

Why should you help us?
We don't receive salaries from accumulated funds. We do reporting, purchases, and logistics by ourselves. Every donation is a significant help, but for you it means +100 to karma.

When were we founded?
November 3, 2017.

What had we been doing before February 24, 2022?
We had been providing help for Kyiv military hospital by purchasing necessary goods for wounded soldiers of Ukrainian forces. Mostly it included medicines, hygiene products, and foodstuff. Such deliveries took place on a regular basis twice per month.

What do we do now?
We continue to provide regular assistance for Kyiv military hospital. Also we carry out targeted requests from specific units on the frontline (e.g. personal equipment, medicines, optical devices, drones).

What are our plans for future?
Currently our main goal is to obtain the victory. And after that we plan to provide assistance to orphanages and animal shelters.


Fundraising ongoing!

Active antenna 2E MAVKA & tripod for it

Goal: 33 000 UAH

July 2024

This year the main directions of the fund's initiatives remain unchanged:

During the year, the fund's activities included:

1. Support for specific units on the front line. The following were purchased and handed over: DJI Mavic 3 drones of various configurations, helmets and covers to them, noise-cancelling headphones, a laptop, a charging station, a thermal camera, a compressor, personal equipment, and camouflage equipment.

2. Hospital support. The following were purchased and handed over: fitness equipment for the rehabilitation center, clothing and footwear, personal hygiene & toiletry supplies, cleaning supplies, diapers, long shelf life foods.

3. Renovation of destroyed housing in the de-occupied area: we renewed the roof of the house and installed new windows  for a mother and daughter in Kherson.

From the beginning of fullscale war our fund was forced to extend the scope of work to provide targeted help to specific units. We purchased and delivered vests, helmets, noise canceling headphones, personal equipment, tourniquets, medicines, long-term storage products, means of camouflage, binoculars, range-finders, thermal imagers, tablets, and drones (including memory cards and extra batteries).

At the same time the support for hospital continues.

Twice per month on regular basis we visited Kyiv military hospital. Along with the provision of constant help (pills, consumable medical supplies, personal hygiene products) we also covered specific requests as for painkillers and purchased Christmas presents for the children of fallen soldiers.

Photo report of regular deliveries to Kyiv military hospital, in particular to intensive care unit, maxillofacial surgery department, traumatology.

Photos of our regular visits to Kyiv military hospital: medicines, hygiene products, foodstuff, consumable medical supplies, apparel, footwear.

Photo gallery of our aid for Kyiv military hospital: hygiene products, foodstuff, consumable medical supplies.